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By September 15, 2020 No Comments

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Let me make one thing crystal clear……….WBM is not about a subservient tribute to Eurocentric behaviors, customs or beliefs. It is not a platform to adorn or worship any particular race or gender as I simply find the deity concept to be garish and obnoxious on a good day and reeking of insecurity and patheticism on all other days remaining. Although the fight against sexism and the disappearance of the middle class still remains a concern, I find us to be better off to at least in this forum accept where the facts show the larger part of American society to be today in regards to classism and race. Not to ignore a similar cultural atmosphere in Europe, I must admit it is quite remarkable to witness a strong similarity to the “ism’s” in these foreign countries as well.

Funny in an ironic way and the reciprocal in turn as I am suddenly reminded of the phrase, “what’s old is new again”. In my estimation, it seems this idea of from whom did we inherit this obsession with skin color? So is it what was handed down from Europe as migrations of old beliefs brought these ideologies of race to the new world? Or are we the ones who taught Europeans how to hate black skin? The question then to be asked is which came first, the chicken or the egg? (obviously the egg btw, 2 birds who had compatible DNA did the deed and hatched an egg, duhhhhh, the rest is history) In other words, was American racism influenced by Europe or the other way around? I know historians, sociologists and maybe even anthropologists see this as a simple question with a quick and easy answer but is it that simple? I’ll admit, I am no expert on the matter but I’ll also assume for all intents and purposes that some of my readers may not necessarily be experts either. I will also answer my own question later as I dig deeper into the African Diaspora.

We see similar social and cultural struggles in predominately white communities in the UK, Scandinavia, Germany and some of the romantic countries to name a few, where either having darker skin or being born outside of the EU is undesirable and unaccepted. And what is too dark? Is someone walking around with a frickin color wheel? So weird, I’ll never understand this. I can’t help but mention the hypocrisy in this argument however. I would be remised if I didn’t point out that while despise and disgust is apparently there, these same groups of people are laying in tanning booths right now with lip injections and ass rejuvenations. Talk about a love/hate relationship, god damn.

I bring this up because this is where it all began. It is important to know how a subject is hatched and why. I believe before we can go forward with healing our broken democracy, many discussions need to be had. Our history as Americans is littered with bad notions and ill-conceived ideas. We have made irreversible mistakes and controversial decisions and yet many of us stay resilient. Today is a new day but being dishonest about the past is a dangerous mistake.

The idea in this portal is surrounded around the superhero status given to white men and their absence of mind in using this birthright to benefit society. I ain’t mad atcha, by the way. Most of us didn’t know. It’s okay. I’m, for the sake of clarity, not talking about grandiose gestures or all of us becoming civil rights activists or even being “woke from home” (nice one Mikey). I’m talking about including positive day to day displays of kindness and reminding oneself of who you are in society and what it means to be White. I’m asking these men to use their beloved skin tone as the powerful weapon that it is to become part of a universal tribe. I’m asking them to unite with those of us in this uphill battle against division as we will soon become a nation of “others”. The White men on the ground and in the trenches, we will discover together with the hope of learning how our allies have used their White Boy Magic to advance equality amongst all of god’s children and those who don’t believe in god as well because that’s okay too.

My desire is to no more or less then remind this particular group of Americans to not be wasteful or passive as this precious gift is only given to some and not others. To not use or misuse this magic would be an insult to those who are just as worthy but have been forced to use their talents in other arenas. In these uncertain times, and in moments of despair, my intentions are to encourage dialogue from the perspective of a society who in part now sees some white men as either villain or victim when in fact many of our brothers have put in some work and we should know who they are. I’m hoping simple acts of kindness and massive acts of courage from all of us will inspire our opponents to see how good it feels to do the right thing. Continuing to vilify based on skin color is fake news and tired and sooooo 1960. Our black skinned brothers on the other hand are born into a nothingness. Not a fighting chance___guilty until proven innocent which rarely comes. My heart weeps for generations of men who have been denied the right to be happy and in light of recent events, even exist. Brilliant men left behind without a passing thought and rejected by society because their skin color yields no gifts. It seems only in death is the Black man made a hero or idolized when he has a basketball in his hand. No worries though country men. I love you. I love you all and I believe the truth will lift the burden of hate and sorrow felt by all.


___Ms. Johnson