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Once Upon a Time

By September 15, 2020 No Comments

Once upon a time____

There once was a man with skin of dark with a son he loved with all his heart.
They lived in a village with others in like and happy they were for many days of night.
The sun was bright and hot to most but life was worthy enough to boast.
One afternoon while on a hunt, a light man came and gave a fright.
He spread his wrath throughout the village, capturing some and killing others.
His son was gone in an instant and children were left without their mothers.
He was a Warrior, this he knew, and fought for days with the surviving few.
The men recoiled as the women were soiled; time was lost along life.
His people lived in constant fear for what had happened was always near.
The hunt continued for years to come as history took them from where they knew.
He hoped to see his son again but no one did and never would.
His heart grew thick and filled with rage just like an animal in a cage.
His family gone and country too left him with only one thing to do.
He prayed for strength from all the gods and promised to never be at odds.
The sun got hotter in days to follow as the devil retreated…..backing into their hollow.
He watched them burn as he got stronger laughing with joy while crying for his boy.
Hidden by night, they stalked the light until there were only one or two.
The Warriors had won with skin so black a fight which never should have been true.
The birth of giants of lore to come in a fight for survival again so young.
For what once was a story of history’s past bares to repeat itself if we don’t act fast.


___Ms. Johnson