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Black Girl – The Rant

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Black Girl – The Rant

Hey Honey’s. My name is Special Dark. Mahogany and I would like to welcome you and your High Yellow friend into Blacky’s. Come on in Brown Sugars and have a seat over there next to Red Bone and Ivory. We haven’t seen two Light “skin-ded” bitches around here like you since Tar Baby passed away. Now that Blacky has taken over every Chocolate mother-fucker on the planet is in here. Let me introduce you to the owners wife, Pink. She and Ruby manage the business while Blacky and Blue help the customers. Mahogany and I are security but the one you really don’t want to mess with is Red Bone. That crazy S.O.B  turns a fiery Orange when he gets mad. My friend Cocoa had to pull him off a big Beige dude last week.

So what can I offer you two tall, Tan and teasin ladies to drink?

Oh and by the way, we only serve Coffee because it’s Brown.


___Ms. Johnson