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A Dedication to Toni Morrison

By September 21, 2020 No Comments

A dedication to Toni Morrison

She was born in this skin like me and like her I will die a forgotten child without a home ………a daughter of the mother land but a regret just the same. A blessed gift to the fathers of creation and a sacrifice to all others.

What has kept me safe……my full lips and warm skin is what will aide in my demise. It is the hypocrisy in what others desire that makes me wrong.

And yet we just run faster and fight harder.

She said, “it is a miracle any of us have survived,” and as the days count on this appears to be true.

As originally it was said our song continues to sing on. The hidden messages in the voices and movement is as real as the heroes of this founding nation proclaimed.

“Hide in the open, they said, we are the only ones listening.” I here you…,,,..I am listening.

The whispers haunt me………the silence is loud but I here you sister. I will move. The message, yet generations, old is the same. Sadly so but it is.


___Ms. Johnson